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Warranty Conditions

Notebook Warranties

Civic Notebooks Warranty

All Civic notebooks come with a 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.

LCD Screen Warranty

Warranty replacement for LCD screens only applies when five (5) or more dead pixels are found or when 3 dead pixels grouped together, next to one another (this is within manufacturer's standard specification).


1. This warranty excludes cosmetic damage, damages due to acts of God, power fluctuation, overload, excessive heat or humidity, software viruses, misuse, physical damages, unauthorized modifications and repairs.

2. No liability shall be held for any costs associated with the failure of the product whether physical (damages to media, goods, facilities, connected equipment, etc.) or contingent (loss of data, loss of earnings, downtime, third party liability, etc.)

3. This warranty does not cover any software problems (drivers, bios-update and operating system).

4. Labor costs do not include freight charges and insurance costs from the users to authorized agents.

All warranty repairs need to be accompanied by appropriate documentation showing proof of purchase date and source. All warranty repairs must be carried out by authorized agents. This warranty will be void if service is performed by unauthorized persons.

Desktop Warranties

1. One Year Parts & Labour, return-to-base warranty for computer system purchased.

2. Terms of warranty for the goods supplied should also refer to relating terms set forth by the manufacturing companies (usually attached with User's Manual). Rate for extension of warranty for ONE Year covered by MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) is AUS$95 for desktop computers. Payment for additional warranty shall be made upon delivery of goods if it is requested

3. Warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of product and does not apply to any of the followings:-

a) improper or inadequate maintenance

b). accidental damages (including transport, electrical shock and software virus)

c). physical damages of hardware components

d). as a result of misuse or negligence

e). as a result of modification and repair carried out by unauthorized person or technician other than staff from MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP)

4. Warranty is not valid if the internal labels with date and "MT" mark are removed.

5. No refund will be given after 7 days of goods sold. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) will deduct 5% of purchase price for handling fee after order is confirmed by customer. Item to be returned must be in its original perfect conditions and packaging. No refund will be given to defective products.

6. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) do not guarantee compatibility and fitness of any products sold for a particular purpose. No refund will be given in such a case.

7. Warranty is limited to hardware components purchased and does not apply to software installation and modification, (including operating systems). MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) will charge for its standard time for installation and software cost if there is any.

8. Any warranty services required, Customer shall return the product to either of our retail outlet for service. If product is returned by air freight or shipment, transportation fees and insurance (if it is required) should be borne by Customer. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) reserve the rights to reimburse any such expenses incurred on behalf of Customer and have no obligation for any losses or damages of the product in the course of transportation. If on-site service is requested by Customer, additional labor charge based on hourly rate will be levied.

9. Warranty does not apply to network installation and modification. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) will charge for its standard time spent for network installation and modification.

10. Repair after warranty period is also welcomed. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) will charge for its time spent and replacement of new parts relating to repair based on market rates which may be different from time to time.

11. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) has no obligation for any implications or statements of additional warranty conditions made by staff or other third party which are not stated in this certificate.

12. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) will not be liable for any consequential damages arising out of any defects arising from the use of products sold.

13. The warranty certificate together with invoice must be presented to staff of MODERN TECHNOLOGIES (GROUP) when service required.



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