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 Model      Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 AERO14-1050TI-BK8      Gigabyte AERO14-1050TI-BK8 14"QHD IPS (Pantone certified)/i7-8750HQ/DDR4-2400 16G/M.2 SATA 512G/Win10/10h battery life/Black/Thunderbolt 3/2yr global 
 $2,412.85   Buy Now  
 AERO15-1060-BK81      Gigabyte AERO15-1060-BK81 15.6"Thin-bezel FHD 144Hz IPS (Pantone certified)/i7-8750H/DDR4-2666 16G/M.2 SATA 512G/Win10/10h battery life/ Thunderbolt 3/Black/2yr global 
 $3,042.33   Buy Now  
 AERO15-1070-BK81      Gigabyte AERO15-1070-BK81 15.6"Thin-bezel FHD 144Hz IPS (Pantone certified)/i7-8750HQ/DDR4-2666 16G/M.2 PCIe 512G/Win10/10h battery life/ Thunderbolt 3/Black/2yr global 
 $3,462.75   Buy Now  
 AERO15-1070-BK82P      Gigabyte AERO15-1070-BK82P 15.6"Thin-bezel UHD IPS (Adobe RGB 100% & Pantone certified)/i7-8750HQ/DDR4-2666 16G/M.2 PCIe 512G/Win10 Pro/10h battery life/ Thunderbolt 3/Black/2yr 
 $3,778.06   Buy Now  
 P56XT-1070-702S      Gigabyte P56XT-1070-702S GTX1070/8G D5/15.6"UHD IPS/i7-7700HQ/DDR4-2400 16G(8G*2) ,2TB+ SSD 256 PCIe/DVD/Win10 
 $3,357.64   Buy Now  
 SABRE15-1060-701S      Gigabyte SABRE15-1060-701S GTX1060/3G D5/15.6"FHD IPS/i7-7700HQ/DDR4-2400 8G/M.2 SATA/128G+1TB(7200)/No ODD/Win10/2yr global 
 $1,887.33   Buy Now  
 SABRE17-1050-702S      Gigabyte SABRE17-1050-702S 17.3"FHD Wide-view angle/i7-7700HQ/GTX1050/4G D5/DDR4-240016G/M.2 SATA 128G+1TB(7200)/No ODD/Win10 
 $1,835.35   Buy Now  
 SABRE17-1050Ti-703S      Gigabyte SABRE17-1050Ti-703S 17.3"FHD Wide-view angle/i7-7700HQ/GTX1050Ti/4G D5/DDR4-240016G/M.2 SATA 256G+1TB(7200)/No ODD/Win10 
 $1,992.43   Buy Now  
 SABRE17-1060-704S      Gigabyte SABRE17-1060-704S GTX1060/6G D5/17.3"FHD WVA/i7-7700HQ/DDR4-2400 16G(8G*2)/M.2 PCIe256G + 1TB/No ODD/Win10/2yr global 
 $2,360.88   Buy Now  
 SABREPRO15-1060-702S      Gigabyte SABREPRO15-1060-702S GTX1060/6G D5/15.6"FHD IPS/i7-7700HQ/DDR4-2400 16G(8G*2)/M.2SATA 256G+2TB/No ODD/Win10 
 $2,202.64   Buy Now  
 X5-1070-702S      Gigabyte X5-1070-702S GTX1070/8G D5/15.6"UHD G-Sync IPS (Pantone certified)/i7-7820HK/DDR4-2400 16G(8G*2)/M.2 PCIe256G+1TB/Win10/Thunderbolt 3/Killer LAN/2yr global 
 $3,672.96   Buy Now  
 X5-1080-701S      Gigabyte X5-1080-701S GTX1080/8G D5X/15.6"UHD G-Sync IPS/i7-7820HK/DDR4-240032G(16G*2)/M.2 PCIe 256G+1TB(7200)/Win10/Thunderbolt 3 
 $4,617.75   Buy Now  
 X7-1070-701S      Gigabyte X7-1070-701S GTX1070/8G D5/17.3"QHD 120Hz G-Sync IPS/i7-7820HK/DDR4-240032G(16G*2)/M.2 PCIe 256G+1TB/Win10/Thunderbolt 3/KillerDoubleShot Pro 
 $3,724.93   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1 
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